The most effective types of baseball drills are the types that get as close as possible to game conditions. That is what I observed at the Kado Baseball clinic at MPI the past few days. All of the drills were thoroughly explained and coaches were there to make any necessary corrections. Each day ended with games allowing the players to practice what they learned.

I have been involved with numerous clinics in the past several decades, and I can honestly say that the Kado clinics are among the top in Hawaii.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Kado clinics to any player who wants to learn more about the great game of baseball.

Pal Eldredge

Donny has been holding his youth camps at our baseball facility for many years. Donny’s attention to detail in youth camps is top notch. Players are challenged during the camp that brings out the best in them…From the beginning to the end you can readily see the difference not only in the skills development but also in the attitude toward the game of baseball. There is ample help at the camp where high school baseball players volunteer in addition to the coaches, making the player to coach ratio very small. There is always someone to help the players improve. Drills are designed to simulate actual playing situations and players are held accountable. Advanced players are challenged, yet those that need help will get the necessary reps needed to improve. Donny’s end of session speeches challenges the players to not only work hard at the camp, but beyond, encouraging players to improve their work ethic and attention to detail. These camps are outstanding in every way.

Coach Dunn

Kado Baseball has provided me with the fundamentals that are required to compete at the national level. Every time I practiced with Kado there was a unique and specific intensity and environment that can be hard to find in youth baseball. As a young kid who wanted to achieve his goals, I am so grateful to Donny and his program for his coaching on and off the field during the years I had with them.

Charlie Bates
Stanford Class of 28’ (2024 MLB Draft Prospect)
#1 Ranked SS by PG in the 2024 Class. 

Our son has been taking private fielding lessons with Tim Quiery of Kado Baseball for the last 3 years and has been attending Kado Baseball Camps since Charlie was 6. He received an offer to play middle infield at Stanford University and without a doubt Kado Baseball was a major factor in that outcome. Kado has been instrumental in teaching our son the fundamentals of fielding that helped him showcase at the highest levels. Donny and Kado Baseball are always honest and transparent with feedback and hold their players accountable for their actions at all times. Simply put, Kado Baseball will hold your son or daughter to the highest standard and turn your son or daughter into a grinder. If you have a kid that is TRULY serious about taking baseball to the next level then Donny is your guy. Thanks, Kado, we couldn’t have done this without you!

Steve and Celeste Bates
Palo Alto, California

Donny and the Kado Baseball Camps taught me how to be fundamentally sound. While growing up I wasn’t the biggest, strongest, or fastest player. However, Donny and his coaches always said to be fundamentally elite, and one day you will get physical and pass everyone up. In my Junior year of high school, that’s what happened and now I am currently the starting shortstop at the University of Arkansas, thanks to Coach Donny and the Kado Coaching Staff. Playing for Kado Baseball has taught me how to handle adversity both on and off the field and allows me to compete at the SEC level.

Wehiwa Aloy
University of Arkansas Starting SS 24’ & WAC 2023
Freshman Player of the Year

My family and I were invited out to Hawaii for a two day camp that my sons and I helped out with. Being someone who has coached young kids in the past, I was truly impressed with the camp and how it was run. The teachings, the philosophies, the skills, and overall interaction with the kids was top notch!! Donny and his staff were unbelievable. I would highly recommend one of his Kado baseball camps for kids of any age who are looking to get an edge. Thanks for letting us be a part of it and hopefully we can do it again in the future!!

Clay Bellinger
Two Time World Series Champion

I want to thank you for what you have done for Gavin. People are crazy and shortsighted for not staying in your program. I see kids on other teams now and for what? I suppose winning but at the expense of growing and devolving and learning the game. Your approach is superior. Gavin has improved because of you. I wish he could stay and continue to develop under your system. He certainly will never forget you.

Mark R.
Proud Parent

I would not be who I am today without Donny and Kado Baseball. Playing for Team Kado taught me how to play the game the right way, and more importantly how to think about the game to get the most out of my abilities and give our team the best chance to win. I started Kado Baseball by coming to Xtra Innings summer camp when I was 7 years old and played travel ball until I went to college. Im 29 now and keep in touch with Donny to this day not because he helped me become a better player, but because he helped me become a better person.

Simon Rosenbaum
Tampa Bay Rays Assistant Director
Minor League Operations/Baseball Development

Donny and the Kado Baseball Camps taught me how to be fundamentally sound. While growing up I wasn’t the biggest, strongest or the faster player however, Donny and his coaches always said be fundamentally elite and one day you will get physical and pass everyone up. In my Junior year that’s what happened and now I am currently playing Division 1 baseball at Sacramento State thanks to Coach Donny and the Kado Coaching Staff.

Wehiwa Aloy
Kado SS and Sacramento State Commit 2022

Donny is hands down one of the best coaches I played for. He is a master of the game and teaches it at an extremely high level. He focuses on baseball IQ , technique, and feel. He helps his players gain every advantage possible. If you’re ready to put in the hard work, Donny is the coach for you. If you can meet his expectations, you can meet the expectations of high school and college coaches everywhere. Donny will help you understand the game within the game and to achieve your dreams on playing at the next level.

Hideki Prather
Kado Catcher and University of Clemson Commit 2023

Coach Donny and his staff do an outstanding job of not only teaching high level baseball skills, but also life skills. Players of all ages will benefit greatly from attending his camps. Being responsible for 500+ kids in our local little league, I’m always looking for knowledgeable coaches to teach our kids. After finding Donny and his staff, we look no further.

Ed Wilson
Player Agent

I have had the pleasure of both playing and working for Donny over the past 10 years. I would not be anywhere close to where I am today as both a player and a person. Donny knows all the details and intricacies of the entire game of baseball. He is the main reason I am starting for a college baseball program now and continue to benefit from lessons with him even now. Donny is one of the best coaches you can find and he can help your son/daughter make leaps and bounds as a baseball player.

Travis Bowers
C/SS, College Baseball in SoCal

I have had the great pleasure to work with and observe Donny Kadokawa at various camps and clinics throughout the Bay Area and Hawaii. I strongly believe that Donny is one of the best teacher’s of baseball in the area. He is truly passionate about baseball and one of the most sincere people when it comes to looking after the best interest of a young baseball player. He is well organized and the players at his camps and clinics come away with valuable information and an idea of the work it takes to be a good baseball player.

Head Baseball Coach of Pac 12 DI College